sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

eL Rudo expo

"EL RUDO" is the O. C. by Gabo Galicia from the "Elua Gráficos" graphic collective. I was honored to be invited by him to participate in their most recent expo back in León, Guanajuato at the "mil novecientos diez" gallery.

Here's the entrace to the room:

Then here's my O. C. "eL Rey DiabLo" as one "Rudo" figure:

So many great designs I feel a little ashamed with mine:

And here are the responsibles of this event (Gabo, Caro and friends):

It'll only be on till next wednesday 15th so be sure to go take a look, ok? ... I mean, in case you are around of course, he.

And if you're not, HERE are sum pix of the expo

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

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