lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

2 more 2 go

a $35 USD commish:

and a $25 USD commish:

Still about 10 to go so I'd better hurry!!

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Izu chan commish

$25 USD for this cute girl =)

This one I sketched first on my sketchbook:

And then put on sum quick colors:


Remember I'll be taking commissions til next Wednesday so hurry!

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

it's Johnny!!

Just a little late night quickie. Maybe I'll add sum colors later. There's not enuff luv for Johnny Storm nowadays. I guess that's why they killed him, remember? hehe

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

3 Commishes so far

I have done 3 and 6 remaining. Still will be taking commissions for 7 more days so hurry up!!

$10 USD commish:

$25 USD commishes:

Thank you all who have ordered one.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Cool interviews

As many of you know, I have this internet radio show called "¿Cómo que de qué?" That goes kinda like "What do you mean what of?!". I talk about comix, animation, movies, videogames and lots of more stuff. I upload it as a podcast and here are two great interviews I just uploaded.

One with Whilce Portacio:


And one more with Nei Ruffino:


Hope you don't mind my podcast's in Spanish cuz, you know, I'm Mexican =) Should I make and English version?

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Sketchin new stuff

I've been practicin a new style, a not so commercial one and here are sum of the results of this experiment:

I enjoy sketchin on the train or while on the subway or on the bus. Actually I enjoy doin it where ever I am but in these places specially cuz people musn't know I am drawin'emm. I'ts a great exercise for real.

Remember I'm on instagram as @DivHiNO Follow me if you don't wanna miss a sketch *wink, wink*

Hasta siempre y adelante

- HiNO

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

WCW MAYHEM back from 1999

I made this for the V-CON expo here in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Fan art about how I would've liked my favorite video game's cover to've been. I RLY enjoyed A LOT playin' this PSX (and N64) game back in 1999. The first new wave of Mexican wrestlers that invaded the WCW roster.

Lots of great designers and illustrators participated with their very own covers and so. They had this great concert with Disaster Peace, The One Ups, Baiyon and Akira Yamaoka and people went crazy with them and I had the chance to see my friends Tebin and Valerio Vega so it was a great, great evening.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012


Did this today for LA TROVA BAR, Mexico city according to all what they told me

It was nice to try a different style with the characters.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

WCW mayhem poster sketch

This is soon to become a full color poster for this V-CONCERTS expo down here in Mexico city and Guadalajara.

Luvd this PSX 1999 videogame for real. Lizmark JR's summer sault was THE BEST!
Can you guess which other wrestlers are in this pic?

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Wyliman 25 and Bolo

About a year ago I colored Wyliman #25 cover

If you haven't check our good old anti hero what are you waiting for, huh? Go now and go HERE

And two years ago I did this back cover for the tribute indie comic called " BOLO ". A good friend o'mine lost his dog, Bolo, and he made this tribute comic for him. I had the honor to do the back cover

I don't draw or color like that anymore xD LOL. Anyways, more covers and back covers soon!

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012


So Red Bull Mexico hired me to do these slides for an international inhouse presentation. Can't show you all offem but sure can a few:

There were seven different slides and required different illustration styles. I delivered them all (including all their changes cuz you know how it is) in just 2 days #LIKEaBOSS #YEAH

Stay tuned y'all!!

Hasta siempre y adelante!!

- HiNO

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Zombie color walkthru

So, yes, I've been fooling around with Paranorman and Hotel Transylvania's art books. Earlier today I sketched sum zombies and decided to add sum colors to one offem:

It took me about an hour to finish it cuz, you know, it's a simple work. Anyways, if you are curious enuff to see how I work coloring here's the walkthru video:

Hope it helps out a little bit.
Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

DevHour characters printed

Yep, the characters I redesigned for this year's great DevHour convention looked like this as printed:

The DevHour is a Videogame developers convention, the biggest, down here in Mexico. It took place at the National Center of Arts (CNA) here in Mexico city this year and it was great to sign all those posters and stickers and to talk to the fans who recognized me and said hello or approached to talk. Thank you all indeed =)

Here's the poster design:

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

More Instagram sketches

Haven't had too much time to sketch lately, nevertheless, here are sum:

Remember to follow me as @DivHiNO on twitter and instagram.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Tell me sumffin

That's sort of the name of this play, "Cuéntame algo que no sea cuento", or "Tell me something that isn't a story" and I did its characters for them:

It's an anti-bullying play for junior highschool kids down here in Mexico city. Sorry but it's all I know about it :S

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012


This cover had sum specific indications from the editor and so I worked this way:

First I drew them all separately:

Then assembled them all the way they asked me to. You can see here's a first Catman tryout:

Then I painted the back ground like the Destroyer Resurrected album cover but in a colder mood, just as they wanted it. Here's the reference:

And here's the plain BG:

Then I added dinks and colors to each character according to the colder mood, of course, and had it as you have seen it in my previous entry. Anyways, here's how it ended up looking like:

More updates next week with sum slides I did for Red Bull Mexico and sum characters I'm designing for an anti-bullying play!! Stay tuned!

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012


These great guys from the biggest fan club in the world... in Mexico, asked me do the cover for the first issue of their new magazine.

The magazine hasn't been launched cuz it's still being printed but they showed, to all the people who went over, how the cover will look like and it does like this:

As you can all see, I went over and signed some of the samples. Here are the main club representatives here in Mexico:

They told me they really liked it and that it felt as if a true fan would've had worked on it and I was really flattered =)

So here's my clean illustration just the way they ordered it:

The magazine will be introduced to all a few days after the Kiss concert here in Mexico city. I'll be posting all the information back on twitter and FB.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Toon commish

One commission I owed for a cousin o'mine:

And here's the sketch version of it:

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

Q-Trend's billboard advertising

Well, here's sum of my work for Q-TREND seen outdoors. I took the first two pics and the other two were taken by a FB friend.

I'm currently working on the second part of this campaing hopefully to be released next month.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012


A great inspiration for me and a lot of artists as well. She's the best and here's a present for Emmy Hernández AKA Emmy Eh

Click HERE to go to her blog. It's one of the most inpiring blogs ever!

We all luv you, Emmy!! =) ... and Vic, we luv Vic too :B

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO