sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012


These great guys from the biggest fan club in the world... in Mexico, asked me do the cover for the first issue of their new magazine.

The magazine hasn't been launched cuz it's still being printed but they showed, to all the people who went over, how the cover will look like and it does like this:

As you can all see, I went over and signed some of the samples. Here are the main club representatives here in Mexico:

They told me they really liked it and that it felt as if a true fan would've had worked on it and I was really flattered =)

So here's my clean illustration just the way they ordered it:

The magazine will be introduced to all a few days after the Kiss concert here in Mexico city. I'll be posting all the information back on twitter and FB.

Hasta siempre y adelante!

- HiNO

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