miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Yup, I have a podcast

My radio show is "¿Cómo que de qué?". It would translate like: "What do you mean 'like what about'?" and it's about comix, illustrators, art, animation, cinema, videogames and more stuff. I do interviews to lots of people from all over the world but mostly Mexicans, cuz, you know, I live down here and so.
It airs on cerebro.fm every Wednesday and Thursday and I also upload each episode as a podcast to poderato.

Hit PLAY and you'll be able to listen to the latest episode of "¿Cómo que de qué?"

Hope you can (at least) understand Spanish or perhaps have a friend nearby who can translate it to you. Have fun!

Hasta siempre y adelante!


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